Black Crow Feather Dip Pen SET

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Black Crow feather dip pen
Perfect for any special event to add the unique feel to words written.

Made with a natural feather, handle decorated with leather strip.

In this listing You can choose Set:
1) One pen - you will get one feather dip pen;
2) Pen holder -you will get one decorated penholder;
3) Pen and Penholder- you will get one feather dip pen and a decorated penholder;
4) One pen and ink -you will get one feather dip pen and a bottle of black inks;
5) One pen, ink and pen holder - you will get the pen, the holder and a bottle of black inks.

Feather (Quill) Nib (Dip) Pen- The feather can slightly differ in size, but generally is 25-30 cm (9.8'' - 11.8'') in length.
Nib if fixed and can NOT be changed.

Black Ink in a bottle with screw-top cap, decorated with burlap ribbons.
Quantity of Ink - 1 oz.(30 g or 30 ml).
5 x 3, 5 cm 4" tall and 1.4" wide.
Inks are Specially designed for dip nib pens and quills.

Penholder dimensions:
Height: 10cm (3.9")
Length: 12cm (4.7")