Frequently asked questions


A1: Why do the same listings show up in several sections of the store?

This is because the listing has an option that makes it eligible to be included in various sections. For example, the same style of a particular cover can be made with either white paper or kraftpaper. As a result, the listing will show up in both “Ivory” and “Kraftpaper” book sections. And of course, it will also be included in the “All Books” section. 

A2: Are these books and journals ready for shipping?

No. The journals will be made after the order has been received. It will be handmade in accordance with the required style as defined by the customer.

A3: How do I leave customization information;

i.e. names, initials, date or color scheme requirements?

The customized information can be filled in during the purchase process in the “Instructions to Seller” field. In case you missed that part, you can send an email to us stating the order details and include the customization information.

A4: How soon will I receive the book?

Once an order has been received, it is placed in a queue and the book(s) are handmade according to the order queue. Generally, it usually takes weeks to complete an order (excluding shipping time). 

A5: Is it possible for the book to be completed faster?

Yes. The order can be assigned a priority and moved up in the queue and focused to expedite completion. Assuming all materials needed are in stock at the time the order is placed, the order can consequently be completed within a week’s time. Please note that since this is categorized as a priority order, there will be additional costs. Please contact us beforehand to discuss possibility and timing.

A6: I entered an incorrect custom information or address / after the order was made, I will not be able to receive the package at the provided address.

Contact us via email as soon as possible and describe the reason for change. If the cover information has to be changed we can do so. It is best to alert us soonest to make changes early. If too late, removing the cover details can leave some marks on the cover.

Change of delivery address: If the package has not yet been sent out we can easily change the delivery address as per your request. Please note that you will need to provide order details/identification to prove that you are eligible to make such changes. If the package is already en route, regretfully we are unable to assist with your request. We suggest that you contact the delivery company to make the necessary arrangements for redirection of the package using tracking information that you will have available from the moment the order is shipped.

A7: Can you guarantee that there will be no errors on the cover of the book that I ordered?

If the cover has any customized information, we will send you a photo when nearing completion for you to verify and approve. This enables the customer to first check if there are any mistakes such as missing/wrong letters, missing details, or the color scheme needs to be adjusted.


B1: Can I have different Names/words/date on the cover?

Yes. Images in the listing are meant mainly as examples. The order will be made using the names/dates/initials you provided. However, for example, if the style of the cover is intended to have only initials, it most probably won’t be able to fit a full name. If names are particularly long or the style contains many decorative elements, the layout will be adjusted to fit the names, possibly also discarding some decorative elements.

B2: I am having an event at a special venue and would like to specifically commemorate it. What could be done?

We can make a custom cover with the venue depicted on it. Please note that as an individual custom cover, there will be additional costs. Please contact us beforehand to discuss possibility.

B3: My event has a specific color scheme and/or theme. What can be done?

The color scheme of a cover can be adjusted without extra cost to better match your event. Moreover, a totally custom cover can be made to match your event’s theme. Please note that as an individual custom cover, there will be additional costs. Please contact us beforehand to discuss possibility of the individual custom cover.

B4: Can I use this wedding book for other events or different purpose?

These books can freely be used for wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, quinceañera, coming of age, bar mitzvah, as recipe books, as diaries, visitor/sign-in books, or even scrapbooks (we would advise handtorn or ring-bound versions for the last purpose).

There are no set markings on or inside the book indicating the nature of the event it should be used aside from what the customer requests with wording or symbols. For example, a cover that has a heart on the tree bark- the heart can easily be removed in accordance with the customer’s request or substituted with another symbol.

B5: Can I have a special customization on the spine of the book?

In general, yes. Please note that depending on the width of the journal you have chosen to purchase, there is a limit as to how much space there is for the intended décor.

B6: Can I have a decorated back coverfront endpaper or back endpaper?

In general, yes. As it will increase the amount of work required to complete the order, additional charges would apply. Please contact us beforehand to discuss possibility.

B7: Can I order a leather bound book?

Unfortunately we do not make leather bound books. The base material for the covers is a sturdy hardcover decorated using Mixed media art. No animals have been killed or harmed in the making of these covers.

B8: What is the mixed media art that is used for the cover?

It is a technique that uses a variety of materials, including (but not limited to) different kinds of paper, texture pastes, effect materials, glues, paints, pigments, resins, lacquers, and the list goes on. This enables the result to resemble various textures, like tree bark, minerals, leather, bone, and other both organic and inorganic materials. The technique allows incorporation of other materials in the process as well, for example, it also allows the use of metal, rhinestones etc.


C1: What forms of payments do you accept?

We use Stripe as our payment partner. At this point in time Stripe accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Apple Pay. For your safeguard, the payment is held by the bank and only released to the seller once the order is completed.

C2: What form of currency will the order be processed in?

All orders are processed in Euros, using the latest exchange rates,

C3: Do you accept bank/wired transfers or payment in installments?

Regretfully, we are unable to accept any other form of payments not mentioned above.


D1: Where is the store located?

The store is located in Latvia, near the Baltic Sea, and is a part of the European Union.

D2: How long does shipping take?

We use UPS courier service so delivery times are quite short. It usually takes 3-5 business days to reach USA addressees. Several times the package has even reached the USA customer in 2 days’ time.

D3: Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries except Russia.

D4: How is shipping calculated?

The shipping cost is calculated by the total weight of the order.

D5: Do you have economy or other methods of shipping?

We currently use UPS courier service for all orders except wall hangings and carpets since UPS provides very fast delivery and damaged packages are extremely rare.

The carpets, wall hangings and decors are shipped using Latvia mail, which is slower and handling of packages may be rough at times. However, these product types and their packaging are not affected by physical impacts.


E1: Do you accept returns?

Due to recent changes in customs taxation regulations, we do not accept returns. This is also an extra reason why the checkup photo is sent prior to sending out the order so that the customer can review and confirm that the order corresponds to the customer’s requirements and that there are no errors, etc. This is to avoid the need for returns.

E2: I have received the order and decided that I do not want it anymore.

Items offered in our store are made to order. Each item is custom made and is not manufactured in bulk as in a factory. As a result, our merchandise is under the category "Custom Made" which means that they are made according to the customer’s unique requirements and would not be of use to anyone else. According to standard rules and regulations, such items are eligible for refund ONLY if not received by the customer or are not “what was ordered.”