Black raven book with hand torn pages, magic diary, pagan wedding guestbook

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The Book will be made in accordance to custom orders.

This is not a ready product - Time for making book 1-3 weeks (contact me in order to specify)

Since the book is hand-made, each one will be every so slightly different and individual, unavoidably unique.

Pages are hand-torn craft- paper, stitched with linen strings.
Covers are made in so called "Mixed media art"- it is a technique that uses a variety of materials, including (but not limiting with) different kinds of paper, texture pastes, effect materials, glues, paints, pigments, resins, lacquers (and the list goes on); allowing the result to resemble various textures, like tree bark, minerals, leather, bone, other organic materials.

By purchasing this listing you will get One book
You can choose size of the bookblock:
1) Small handtorn kraftpaper book- 100 sheets (200 pages), 22cm x 17cm x 4cm ( 8.7" x 6.7" x 1.57")
2) Large handtorn kraftpaper book- 100 sheets (200 pages), 31cm x 23cm (12,2'' x 9,1'')

Custom info (Inscribed Names and date) leave in the "Special instructions to Seller" during the purchase process.

Special instructions to Seller example for custom text on the cover:
I would like/need the book to have same color scheme and the cover to say:
Once Upon a Time
Me & Someone