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Additional customization

Do not purchase this listing unless specifically requested to do so by the shop staff and when doing a purchase only pick options requested by the shop staff!

Covers additional services not included in the listing that you have purchased. In case several options are needed you will be requested to purchase several services.
Additional services do not add to the shipping costs.

Additional service:

1) Individual Cover or Rushed order- creation of a unique cover design in accordance with buyers specifications (do not forget to mention all relevant details of the customization that you desire in the "Special instructions to Seller") or your order needs to be on top of the queue and rushed;
2) Modification S- a not too complex modification of a book, album, penholder or a set item;
3) Modification M- a modification of medium complexity of a book, album or a set item;
4) Modification L- a modification of higher complexity of a book, album or a set item.

As this is a service and not a product there is no shipping charge.