Super fluffy gray+brown+white+black rug, Hand woven Eco Rug, Wool Carpet, Rustic Handwoven wool rug

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Very soft and pleasant wool rug will be beautiful and cozy supplement to your home interior!

Can be used as a tapestry, as a rug or as a carpet. As a fuzzy blanket to wrap into or to cover shoulders with.

With some adjustment- very comfy if used to cover car seat or office chair on witch hours need to be spent.

And the feeling of stepping on it, instead of the cold floor, when getting up in the morning is very gratifying. Children can play on it. And i know my cat loves to sleep on one like it as well.

The rug can be used reversibly.

The rug is made using traditional Foot-treadle floor loom. Materials used are sheep's wool mill trimmings and as the soul- linen is used.

Rug size:
170cm x 95cm 

We suggest washing your Rug rug in cool water. You can use your washing machine's spin cycle to get the extra water out, then hang your rug up to dry.
The rug is machine washable at 30 degrees C (86 degrees F)

Washing rug in hot water may result in shrinkage.