Wizard wedding guest book, set

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Wizard wedding guest book, set.

The Book, pen and pen holder will be made in accordance to custom orders.

This is not a ready product - Time for making book 1-3 weeks (contact me in order to specify)

Since the book is hand-made, each one will be every so slightly different and individual, unavoidably unique.

Covers are made in so called "Mixed media art"- it is a technique that uses a variety of materials, including (but not limiting with) different kinds of paper, texture pastes, effect materials, glues, paints, pigments, resins, lacquers (and the list goes on); allowing the result to resemble various textures, like tree bark, minerals, leather, bone, other organic materials.

In This listing you can choose Set: 

1) Book Only;
2) Book+ Penholder+ Feather Pen

 And the Type of the BookBlock:

1) White pages (even edges); 50 sheet (100 pages), Journal size 30cm x 21cm x 1,5cm (11.8'' x  8.3'' x  0.59");
2) Handtorn kraftpaper pages; 50 sheets (100 pages); Journal size 31cm x 23cm x 3cm (12,2'' x  9,1''x 1.18)
3) Handtorn kraftpaper pages; 100 sheets (200 pages); Journal size 31cm x 23cm x 6cm (12,2'' x  9,1" x  2,36'')

Penholder dimensions:

Height: 11 cm 4.3"
Length: 11.5-12 cm 4.7"

The feather can slightly differ in size, but generally is 25-30 cm (9.8'' - 11.8'')
The ballpoint writes in black.